So how many of us have spent donkey hours on the picture perfect world of Instagram, looking at impeccably dressed influence’s, and wondering how they nail it?! Well we absolutely have! We do believe that every woman is unique,and has a style quotient that’s hers completely! And after a lot of brain and wardrobe storming, here are the few tips that worked like wonders for everyone in our team. 
So Trunk Talkers- If you are starting from ground zero and don’t know How& Where to begin?  Don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

Lets get Styling!

Image Source- Pintrest

1. Know  your Body Type

Okay, this one was kind of a given, but we all have different body types and structures, and well, the first and fore most thing needed to get your style fix right is knowing your body type! Knowing your body type acts as a point of filter when you shop, and trust TT, makes your life very very easy.

Image Source – Pintrest

2. Be a keen observer

Well, one way to get fashion inspiration is by observing. Even though we need to value our individual inherent style, we can always have fun by pinning our style to a celebrity that has a similar body structure to ours. And if there is something we loved about a look they sported, we can always tweak it and wear it! TT Swears by this Little Observation, it can go a long long way!

Image Source- Pintrest

3.Own a classic piece of clothing

Well,we can never get enough of this, can we? Owning a classic piece of clothing,that can be layered, or is versatile, is always going to be a thing! P.S- Refer to our blog here to get your classics right!

Image Source – Pintrest

4.Understand the Color Wheel

It might seem a little unnecessary, but trust us it’s a game changer!A dash of color can completely give a new perspective to your outfit and your look! Pro Tip- Don’t add too much color in one outfit, let there be one statement color, and everything else a little toned down, just for an effortless styling!

Image Source- Pintrest

5. Step out of your Comfort Zone

Well don’t we all have that one color which we can never get enough of? And that one color we think we would never try? Trust us ladies, a little experimentation gives rise to a lot of fun in your wardrobe! I know it sounds like a difficult task but we are here to make it a little easy. TT Tip- Want to try out a new color and not sure how it would look? Buy an accessory or a scarf of that color and you can see for yourself how you like it!

We hope this was fun for you to read, and we will see you super soon! Till then,keep it real and keep it stylish!

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