Trunk Talks Guide for Valentine’s 2019- We’ve got something for everyone!

Okay, so comes again that time of the year, that day which is considered the true day of love all around the world!

Well,as netizen’s argue- is there really a day for love? If you are in love, each day is Valentine! Well touche to that, but then to each their own!

A little celebration, and some love declaration never hurt nobody!

And for people who are happily single/ or god… at it’s complicated (We totally feel you), what’s better than a little self love? Anode to yourself, because well as the famous activist and artist Frida Kahlo says “ I am my own Muse, the subject I know the best. The subject I want to know better”, So well, why not make yourself happy first, because happiness is always from within (We know it’s a cliché and saying cliché is a cliché, but well, we preach this)

Oh the pain of getting a look together! Soto the women who are going on dates with their SO’s and for those who want to Netflix and chill and even those who would rather have a Girls night out, here is our little guide to Valentine Dressing-

1) The Classic Red –

I know it says breaking the clichés but hey, if someone wants to dress in red, then why not! Dress up in a nice lace dress or take a spin on the classic red in a nice velvet dress for a fancy- formal dinner date with the SO or the Girls!

Image Source- Pinterest

For those who want to do red, but still want to break the theme, wear a pantsuit with a classic black / white cami, power dressing done right!

Image Source- Pinterest

Looking for something fun yet classy? Wear a skirt and team it up with nude or black blouse!

Image Source- Pinterest

2) The Formal Enchantress-

If you donot want to follow the theme, here is a little something you can always bank upon! Wear a solid colour dress, Midi to long for formal dinners, and shorter for the quirky one!

Image Source- Pinterest

3) For the one who wants to just dress down-

Well, team up a satin top with a denim skirt, and you are good to go! Or wear a wrap dress to take it from AM to PM!

Image Source- Pinterest
Image Source- Pinterest

4) For those who would rather just Netflix and Chill-

Well, we got you, wear co-ords or a nice over-sized jumper,with your favorite Pyjamas!

Image source- Pinterest

Well didn’t we tell you- we got something for everyone! 

So, get your Trunk of love- here at Closet Trunk!

Happy Valentine from Trunk Talks! 

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