Now I know for people (cough cough read like me) who have very recently entered the accessorizing circuit, it is super tricky and sometimes troublesome to find the right accessory to go with your outfits, thanks to the plethora of options available!

But, here are a few tips that worked like wonders for us, and like always, we’d love to share all the deets with you!

No accessory, don’t fret! Here is a list of some essentials in terms of accessories which are super versatile, yet chic, and easy to pull off, and are absolute essentials-

1) Earrings-

Okay I know this is a very big section, but, an earring can literally be a game changer for your outfit!

If you are wearing a plain dress, we would definitely recommend wearing uber cool TASSEL earrings! They are all over the place, and there’s a reason for the same! They add the right amount of glam and quirk to any plain dress! Neutral and basic shades can literally be paired with any colour of tassel earring (avoid being matchy matchy), but if you are in the mood for some fun, please feel free to colour block!

In case you aren’t sure of tassels, one investment you can always make are hoops! They go with everything on the face of planet earth, and are always in vogue!

Not into hoops? Well, buy any golden earring, and it usually will keep you sorted for any outfit need!

Source- Pinterest

2) Scarves-

Gone are the times that scarves were considered just a winter accessory!

Linen, khadi, and cotton scarves are a wardrobe must have! Make sure to stock neutral as well as some bright colour (Bright pink, yellow) in your closet, and you are set!

3) Collar Accessory-

Well, who would’ve thought right? But Trunk Talks’experience has been nothing short of magnificent when it comes to these! These instantly add glamour and swank to a boring plain shirt! 

Source- Pinterest

4) Belt-

We all have belts, but trust us, waist belts have been such a godsend! Quickest way to take a dress from AM to PM, and well, to look chic without making it look like you tried (you know what we mean). And, also accentuates your waist line. 

Source- Pinterest

5) Neckpieces-

We need another blog for this! Phew, as someone who very recently started wearing neck pieces, here’s a tip that made styling them so much easier!

If you are someone, who fears getting it wrong like I do, worry not mi amigo!

Get a basic pendant, in rose gold/ gold touch, and you can carry it off with almost any outfit!

Source- Pinterest

Well, we hope you loved reading this blog, as much as we loved writing it! Feel free to give us tips that worked for you as well! And for super fun, complete looks (with accessories!) do order your Trunk at Closet Trunk!

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