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Credits- New Woman India 

These are just some of the prefixes to the name of the boxing world champion, Mary Kom.

She, legit is the super woman of India and an as a laywoman I cannot even fathom how she does this all!

We always love to speak about the women who have inspired us and keep inspiring us everyday, and today we would love to speak about a terrific woman, who is in one word a Powerhouse of achievements, Mary Kom!

Her Journey-

She was born in a small village in Manipur. Coming from a small village, Mary’s parents worked in the fields. She did not complete her education due to her passion for boxing. Mary Kom did not tell her parents before she started her training to become a boxer. Her father even tried to discourage her when he found out. In fact, everyone in her town tried to discourage her efforts by ridiculing her.

But this didn’t deter her spirit to win!

Mary Kom’s success is significant because her achievements have been achieved against all odds. Impoverished background, no support from family, just being some of the issues faced by her. In fact, she had to hide from her father when she was practicing boxing.

This diminutive boxer did not care about the obstacles but preferred to move ahead.

As stated here, She won the first Women Boxing Champion in 2001. In the same year she bagged the second position in Women World Amateur Boxing Championship in the 48 kg category. She won the first World championship in 2002 and again in 2005, and 2006.

Everything was going fine when Mary decided to tie the nuptial knot. She took a break from the game and two years later when she came back into the ring she was beaten by an unknown boxer in the National Championship. Being a true champion she did not lose heart. She started her grueling training sessions and made a spectacular comeback by winning the World championship in 2008.

Image Credits- Deccan Chronicle

What inspires us?

Well, no doubt her out worldly achievement’s, She is a five-time World Amateur Boxing champion, and the only woman boxer to have won a medal in each one of the six world championships, make us all look at her wistfully, but her spirit and perseverance that truly defines her!

As we can absolutely see from her example, there is no shortcut to hard work and there is no limit to dreaming!

Fighting against odds, and self-improvisation, takes us a long way!

What exactly is our take back from this?

This is exactly what companies like Closet Trunk aim to do!

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