Everyone is unique and different and of course beautiful in their own way, that’s exactly why some styles work wonders for certain body type’s and are not so flattering on some.

Though there aren’t any rules written on stone for styling and fashion when it comes to body types, there are some guidelines which we follow!

Here are some guidelines which we feel would help you understand your body shapes better and make dressing up a child’s play!

1) Pear Shape Body (The Triangle)

You have a pear body type if-

  • Your waist is wider than your bust
  • Fuller hips and thighs    
  • Narrow shoulders and bust
  • You have a fuller rear

Styling Guidelines-

  • Enhance your waistline and arms
  • Create a balanced silhouette

Closet Staples-

For the pear body shape you can opt in for outfits like wide legged pants, patterned tops, A-line dresses and skinny jeans with loose tops –just pick outfits that add definition to your upper body. Bootcut and flare denim styles are great go-to’s as they balance the proportions. For tops pick- V or deep V, crop tops, boat necks and sweetheart.

Credits- Closet Trunk

2) Apple Shape (The Inverted Triangle)

You have an apple body shape if-

  • Your shoulders are broader than you hip
  • You are well proportioned otherwise
  • You are not as curvy in your rear
  • You don’t have a well-defined waistline

Styling Guidelines-

  • Focus on adding definition to hips
  • Flaunt your Legs!

Closet Staples-

For an inverted triangle- Monochrome looks, dark colors,full or 3/4th sleeves dresses and flowy tops highlight your best features and take the attention away from the weight accumulated at the top. You could also wear flared bottoms; palazzo’s etc. to create a balance. Always note that your upper body does not need any definition or too much layering, you just have to focus on your lower body- and enhancing it! You can also wear Maxi and wrap dresses with lower necklines and you are good to go!

Credits- Closet Trunk

3) Hour Glass

You may be this body type if

  • You have a full bust
  • You have a well-defined waist
  • Your bust and hip measurements are roughly even
  • You may have fuller bust, hips, and thighs

Styling Guidelines-

  • Highlight your natural curves
  • Enhance and draw attention to your waistline

Closet Staples-

Well, if you fall under this body shape, there is practically nothing you can’t pull off. To flaunt your waistline you just have to go with dresses that clinch, such as dresses with a belt at your natural waistline or below the belly button – either way it will absolutely look great on you. Body hugging, A-line dresses are really good for your body shape. You can flaunt your upper body pretty well with the help of a V or plunge V or a Sweetheart neckline.

Credits- Closet Trunk

4) Rectangle

You maybe this body shape if-

  • Your shoulders and hip measurements are nearly the same
  • Your waist isn’t very small or well-defined, but rather straight up and down
  • Your weight is fairly evenly distributed throughout your body
  • Your body doesn’t have a lot of curves

Styling Guidelines-

  • Get the focus on your arms and legs
  • Add definition to your waistline

Closet Staples-

Strapless, sleeveless, off shoulders do wonder to accentuate your figure. Choose A line skirts and dresses and ruffled and layered tops-they add the much needed oomph on the upper side of your body.

Credits- Closet Trunk

Well, like we said before, these are not rules- they are just simple guidelines to make dressing up a little less chaotic! Every shape has its own set of beautiful, envy worthy features- so its important to play around with the right ones!

We understand everyone’s unique and different needs- that’s why we have industry experts that will personally style you according to your body shape and your style needs! Log onto Closet Trunk to know more

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