So summer is here and how!

The days are longer and the struggles of looking stylish and chic along with beating the heat have dawned upon us all!

The Style Scientist from her Lab is here for rescue!

Well though this will just act as a guideline- it does cover quite a lot of our social events!

So guys, here are the top summer dresses for every occasion along with bonus styling tips (guys, don’t forget accessories are as essentials the outfit itself!)

1) Work

Okay guys, work is legit an occasion and our sample research showed that women spend umpteen hours just pondering about work outfits! Fret not ladies, here is the one work staple dress that will make you shine without taking up much time!

Credits- Closet Trunk

This Blue dress acts as the perfect work wear and is suitable for any work dress codes! The earrings- I know albeit long, are super subtle and adds the right amount of formal glam! 

2) Weekend Brunch with Them Girls-

The season of bellini’s be back! And to be the heat, we have picked the uber-chic off shoulder dress! It’s stylish, without trying too hard!

Credits- Closet Trunk

Add these tassel earrings to glam it up by a notch! All you need are super sunnies and sunscreen now!

3) Vacays

Okay, it’s summer time and most of us are already planning a little getaway! This gingham dress, with the perfectly placed cut out- is a must in your vacation trunk! Its silhouette is unique and flattering, and the colour is oh-so-summer! 

Credits- Closet Trunk

Also, they barely take up any luggage space! Pair these up with a nice white sling and danglers to be Insta-Gram-Ready!

4) The Saturday Night Look

Remember we mentioned- more of going out in one of our Blogs- well its true! Summer gives us plethora of Date/ Girls nights- and we have the perfect outfit for it!

Credits- Closet Trunk

Well- flowy and glam! Add these studs and the unique snake bracelet for accessories and you are set for any night out!

5) The Casual Damsel

The no big occasion dress- well, when we have to go out/ have people over, and you ought to look good? we have so many of those moments wherein you can’t dress up and can’t dress down- so why not boho-chic it? The dress is gorgeous rust orange and the silhouette is casual and reeks of rummer!

Credits- Closet Trunk

Pair it up with these sleek golden hook earrings and a big bright smile!

We hope this guide was useful to all of you guys- and to get your own personally styled Summer Trunk, make your profile with Closet Trunk now!

The Style Scientist is waiting to style you and make your wardrobe Summer ready!

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