Why you need one and how you can get one!

Okay people, of late we have seen the internet raving about the less is more concept, thanks to all the tidying up with Mary Kondo’s et al. And a term associated with the minimalist trend- The Capsule Wardrobe.

But what exactly is a Capsule wardrobe? Well, you will be surprised to know that the term Capsule Wardrobe was coined by Susie Faux, the owner of a London boutique called Wardrobe, in the 1970s. According to Faux, a capsule wardrobe contains a few essential and timeless items, such as skirts and pants, that can be supplemented with seasonal pieces.

We in India have all done the seasonal wardrobe cleanse pretty recently, special shout outs to our friends up north, and while I was doing mine, apart from getting exhausted to the T, I got super intrigued by the concept.

Here is how a Capsule Wardrobe Helps-

1) Time Saving!-

Well guys, Time is money, and touche to that. Because everything goes with everything, you don’t have to spend hours just deciding what to wear and what to buy!

2) Quality Shopping-

Capsule wardrobe literally eliminates impulsive shopping! We all hate those clothes that just keep hangin’ in our wardrobes season after season, without any other use.

3) No Seasonality-

So, because like mentioned previously, everything goes with everything in your wardrobe- so, you can literally take these pieces from Summer to Winter in no time- with just some additions!

How to build your own Capsule Wardrobe?

Okay- time to take action upon whatever you watched Mary Kondo do- in case you haven’t- go to Netflix already!

And then cover all your basics! As much as those whites might bore you- they are vital for a reason!

By basics we mean- divide your clothes- tops- pants etc!

Now make a list of all the activities you need these clothes for- like work, party, vacation and workout.


Credits- Closet Trunk and Pinterest

These are the tops that can help you create your timeless capsule wardrobe-

1) White Shirt/ T- shirt-

We know we are a little biased towards it- but guys- who it’s just so good and versatile and vital! Wear it in any season- with practically anything! Easy to layer up as well.

2) Plain Shirt in a Solid Colour (we recommend Blues/ Blacks here, but of course there is no said rule)-

They are easy to pair with prints and solids- and act as great outerwear during changing weather!

3) Silk Blouse-

Here’s why investing in a good blouse is quintessential and called an investment! They are essentials for work and can also be made a party wear by adding the right accessory! Also, literally never goes out of vogue.

4) Sweater-

This is kind of a given, but invest in a nice sweater that goes with most colours and outfits! 

5) Stripe/ Animal Print shirt-

Capsule wardrobes aren’t boring wardrobes at the end of the day! They go well with plain pants and even skirts and will add the much needed quirk to your closet.


Credits- Closet Trunk and Pinterest

1) Boy friend Jeans/ Mom Jeans-

Take your pick women- these reek casual and relaxed! 

2) Skinny it up-

Skinny jeans are a must- we recommend investing in a dark plain one which you can wear with most of your clothes and take from AM to PM in a jiffy.

3) Cigarette Pants-

These are a wardrobe must have capsule or no capsule. Team it up with a blouse for work wear and with a cami for party look!

4) Pencil Skirt-

You know its a staple and we recommend buying a camel/ black coloured one which you can pair with multiple outfits and layer up and down according to the season.

5) Leggings-

Oh so comfy and oh so needed! Get a nice black one which will go with practically anything you wear. Also, major winners for wearing it over a dress/ skirt and taking your wardrobe from summer to winter in a minute.


Credits- Pinterest

1) Solid Black Dress-

Read our blog here to know why this is important!

2) Cami dress in military green

Not necessarily military green, but cami dresses are godsend. Wear it just like that on your vacay, with a shirt and you are good for work, over a tee and you have your casual Sunday brunch sorted!


Credits- Pinterest

1) Denim Jacket-

Again, easy to layer, apt for all seasons and goes with everything!

2) Trench Coat

A trench coat is absolutely necessary for your winter wardrobe. Invest in a beige or black one to ensure its versatility. 

3) Blazer (Black Preferably)-

I have too many black clothes- said no one ever! A black blazer is impeccable for work, and for layering with any of those dresses of yours!

The Extras-

Credits- Closet Trunk and Pinterest

Accessories and Bags!

This is a personal choice for everyone- but refer to our guide to accessorizing here to help you pick.

Donot forget them- you would legit want your bags to be neutral and bright, both!

Alas, there arent any set rules for building your closet, but you can take help from experts at Closet Trunk to give you amazing styling tips and perfect trunks for your Closet!

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