Well, Summer has just started and we’ve opened our Pandora’s box of summer styles! But what summer closet is ready without Skirts? The super chic, and much needed feminine touch to our Summer Closets!

Styling Skirts might get tricky for some, and might come super easy for others, but our Style Scientists have brewed this basic guide to style skirts this summer!

1) The Monochrome Blues-

Pair this Navy blue A- line skirt with a chic navy blue blouse and add a pop of color with you accessories to instantly make your outfit board room ready.

Credits- Closet Trunk

Why this works? – This instantly gives a formal touch to your outfit and the color combination accentuates the right features. A skirt like this is great for taking your outfit from AM to PM without making a big dent in your wallet.

2) The Brunch Whites-

Well, why should skirts be only solids? We love this striped skirt with the in vogue ruffled hem. And because there is a lot going on with the skirt, we advise you to keep it simple with the top!

Credits- Closet Trunk

Why this works? – Well, it’s a given! If you have a casual work day- this is your summer miracle and this outfit can double up as a nice chic casual dinner outfit or for a brunch with the girls!

3) The Classic Midi-

Is any wardrobe complete with midis? Nothing defines power dressing more than midi’s. Invest in one like below- and you are sorted for the summer.

Credits- Closet Trunk and Pinterest

Why this works?- Well Midis are a safe and stylish option,so if you don’t want to experiment  lot and want a sure shot proven style- this is your pick. You can always play around with prints and patterns with Midis to take them to the next level.

P.S- Don’t over accessorize if you are taking a printed skirt!

4) The Vacation White-

You can never have enough of whites in your summer closet-trust us when we say this! This Floral white skirt is perfect for your Insta-worthy vacation pics without being too flashy! Team it up with a white top,just because you don’t want a lot to be going on in your outfit!

Credits- Closet Trunk

Why this works? – Well, it adds the right amount of pop to your outfit without making you look like a macaroon tray! (not that we mind that)

5) The Perfect Contrast-

Well, if monochrome is not your thing, and you are one to experiment- this is the perfect look for you- we recommend everyone to experiment a little though (it’s always your personal choice)

Who knew such contrasting pastels would work so well with each other! The look is a treat to the eyes and oh so summer-y! Wear it casually or on a vacation- and to work if your workplace doesn’t have a formal dress code!

Credits- Closet Trunk

Why this works? – The summer colors bring the much needed refreshment to your closet and are super chic pieces to own even individually!

Well, we don’t kid when we say that we’ve got some thing for everyone! This Summer give your Closet the Skirt makeover it deserves with Closet Trunk– India’s favorite Personally Styled Fashion Subscription Box!

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