Definition of fit and flare
fitted through the waist and flaring out at or below the hips… her dynamic fit and flare skirts and dress shapes are sure to be a hit with their movement and effortless cool.

Fit-and-flare is exactly what it sounds like. The top bodice is fitted, and the skirt bottom flares out. This is quite similar to the A-line dress. These two terms are sometimes used interchangeably.

The fit-and-flare shape is a universally complimentary style for most body types because it creates an ideal shape with a narrowed waist, and proportionately shaped hips.

Because of its balanced proportions, this dress is truly a winner for almost every body type. Apples may find that it creates a more defined waistline. Athletic shapes will love it for the extra curve. And since the fit-and-flare resembles an hourglass on the hanger, it’s an obvious fit for hourglass shapes.

Fit and flare dresses are flattering to nearly every body type, because they create a nice hourglass silhouette. They play up a trim waist and flow over hips. Fit and flare styles move with your body and are ultra-feminine. You can wear a deconstructed fit and flare dress for an unobstructed look or sport a more streamlined cut, paired with a waist belt to add even more definition.

This summer, try the fit and flare in lightweight linens, button downs, and bold florals. If you don’t succeed with the first try in the fitting room, don’t give up – you might need to find the right waist placement and length for your height as well as the perfect neckline for your frame.

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