Boxy is a type of silhouette that garments can create depending on the shape of construction; the word is used when the silhouette created gives the illusion of a “box like effect” on a person. This illusion tends to be made on the top half of the body.

It may be referred to with men’s or women’s jackets or coats, particularly those that have shoulder pads in. This effect has been seen throughout many eras in history, beginning in the 1930s with designers such asElsa Shiaparelli, Jean Patou and Norman Norell.

Boxy tops are a chic way to show off your love of fashion without being too revealing. These tops are cut in a box shape at the torso, giving the upper body a square shape that goes great with all kinds of outfits and body types. Learn how to pick the right boxy top for your shape and pair it with the perfect outfit to have you looking your best.

Length: Boxy dresses should be as short as possible around knee length or above. The legs will be the key players here, and when I say legs, I also mean shoes. Wear those heels, ladies, and don’t think twice about wearing the crazy-high ones either.

Bust: Ideally, the dress should skim the bust just sort of to show it exists.

Layering/Belts: A fitted cardigan will immediately give shape to a boxy dress, as will a belt. Just not when it’s 100degrees out.

Jewelry: Add a long necklace or statement necklace to pull together the dress!

Boxy Dresses can be cute to with the right accessories not all dressed have to be fitted.

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